The painting and refinishing procedure, is a highly sensitive and technical process. At Green Collision we adhere to factory- like application techniques to ensure true color matching, corrosion protection, and quality priming, topcoats, and clearcoats. All vehicles are painted in our downdraft, heated spray booth, prior to the baking cycle. Vehicles are then baked at the prescribed temperatures and the times set forth by the vehicle manufacturer.

our new water-based and environmentally safe pigments and paints not only, produce strikingly lustrous auto surfaces but also, help protect our planet. Furthermore, the water based paints do not require harmful solvents for the mixing process (virtually chemical free for clean air quality) and they are air dried rather than heat dried, making them more energy efficient.

Quality is never compromised and procedures are never skipped. We ensure excellent results by employing sophisticated methods and superior paint finishing and detailing system.


Paint Department

arrowTwo Spraying 100027' Spray booths
arrow1.2 Million BTU Baking Oven
arrow 10' x 12' Paint Mixing RoomDiamond Tint Missing Back with Complete Toner Stock for all Single Stage, Basecoat, Vinyl Colors

arrowMarson "Pro-Gauge" Paint MIL Gauge
arrowPCL Waste Thinner Recycling Contract
arrowMeguiar's Paint Finishing/Detail System

arrowDuPont computerized color mixing system


paint drops
Paint & Refinishing