Did You Know?
Although Your insurance company may assign and/ or choose an auto body repair shop, you have the Right to select the collision repair center of your choice.

What to do in case of an accident?

green arrowIf You are involved in an accident STOP!
green arrowCall 911 if anyone is injured.
green arrow If possible use emergency flares or triangles (Do not use flares if there is a gasoline leak.)
green arrow Do not move an injured person unless he/she is in a burning vehicle or other danger.
green arrow Try to move the vehicle(s) out of the traffic lane. Turn off the ignition of the involved vehicles.
green arrow Show your drivers license, registration card, evidence of insurance, and current address to the other driver or any peace officer.
green arrow If someone is injured or killed report the accident to the police or CHP within 24 hours.
green arrowIf there is more than $750 in damages or anyone is injured (no matter how slightly) report to DMV.