frame repair equi[ment
The repair of your damaged vehicle begins by restructuring of its frame (the unibody). Frame damage that is corrected properly eliminates chronic post repair issues such as tire wear, vibration, or steering and suspension problems. At Green Collision we are equipped with the most advanced frame pulling and measuring system. We provide a before and after computer generated report of the frame damage and subsequent corrective action. This ensures that the frame of your vehicle is restored to the factory's/manufacturer's specifications. Metal repair and replacement on any vehicle is based on the degree of damage sustained in a collision. Some damages require welding. Our I-CAR trained technicians employ the MIG and/or Spot welding methods and procedures recommended by the vehicle manufacturer to ensure proper restructuring and therefore the safety of your vehicle.


Metal Department Equipment
arrowBlackhawk/Korek Floor
arrowFrame Pull and Measuring System (Chief E-Z Liner)
arrow Chief EZ-Liner 2 Bench and Measuring System
arrow 2-Ten Ton Pulling Posts for Multiple Pulls
arrow Blackhawk 10 Ton Anchor Pulling/Pushing System
arrow Robinar #17700 Freon Recovery/Recycle/Recharging Station
arrow Capability to Perform all Mechanical R&I     
arrow Genesis Velocity Measuring System
arrow Two Auto-Arc 110s

arrowMIG Welder, Magna
Spot Dent Removal Gun
arrow Two Spot Welders


Frame & Metal Repair